Polkadot Graphic

Polkadot Graphic is a graphic design studio managed by Shigemi Nakamura-Simms who has more than 20 years experience in both Australia and Japan.

Polkadot Graphic incorporates commercial creativity, market strategy and individual energy, all of which is aimed at your specific business needs. We are experienced in designing with an international perspective and a commercial world vision.

Logo designs, printed materials, illustrations, website design and printing advice, are all available as standard part of our services. We also offer English and Japanese translations.

Polkadot does playful as well! Character design and comics, illustrations and artistic projects, cute-retro and more. As well as creating the total visual concept and designing the corporate sales tools, Shigemi pursues her own interests a sample of which can be found under 'more'.

Our attention to your needs is unparalleled. High level skills and exceptional customer care are the foundation of our business.